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Electronic Security

Protecting What's Important

GC&E Systems Group is a full service electronic security systems integrator providing technically complex and innovative CCTV, electronic access control, intercom, photo ID systems, alarm monitoring and intrusion detection solutions in a cost effective manner. GC&E offers a comprehensive approach to security that requires a thorough understanding of the potential risks and threats that affect your organization. These risks and threats are then addressed and mitigated through preventive, monitored, and reactive security measures.

As a leader in the electronic security industry, GC&E understands that a combination of these three security measures represents the best approach to providing a secure and safe working and learning environment. GC&E has been partnering with organizations for over 15 years to assess their risks and develop integrated security solutions that are customized to address their unique risks and threats. From initial vulnerability assessments, to access control, intercom systems, panic systems and video surveillance through mass notification systems and preparedness and safety training programs, GC&E's security professionals are available to serve as your trusted partner to maximize security awareness and safety.

GC&E's approach for deploying Integrated Electronic Security solutions combines the insight, expertise, and experience of our staff with a consultative approach to problem solving to provide our customers with the solution that best meets their needs. Our solutions are manufacturer and technology neutral, designed to be scalable and capable of integrating with current or planned system upgrades. We leverage technology innovation and industry best practices and standards such ISO 9001, CMMI, BICSI, and ITIL to manage the full life cycle requirements of our customers' electronic security system solution.

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Video Surveillance Systems

GC&E is a leading provider of IP Video Surveillance and Management solutions in the southeast U.S. GC&E works hand-in-hand with our customers as a trusted partner to assess and determine the best solution to meet their surveillance objectives. Video Surveillance can be a valuable tool to an organization as it improves safety, reduces risk, and provides valuable information that directly and indirectly supports their bottom line or operational budget. Potential benefits include:

  • Increase public safety and security
  • Protect property and facilities from threats, trespassing, and vandalism
  • Reduce the risk of internal / industrial theft
  • Monitor employee, customer, or general public activities and behavior to increase safety and security and deter potential threats
  • Supplement existing security resources
  • Protect businesses and employers from false liability claims such as on premise accidents (slips, trips, falls, etc.)
  • Protect businesses and employers from false liability claims such as on premise accidents (slips, trips, falls, etc.)
  • Monitor employee conformance to employment, safety, and quality standards and policies
  • Track vehicle activities on premises
  • Improve reaction and response times to threats and emergencies
  • Capture business intelligence regarding employee and customer actions, interactions with others, and other trends and patterns

GC&E has the experience, expertise, and network certified personnel to ensure our customers IP-based video solutions are properly installed and adhere to manufacturer specified and IT industry standards and practices. Our Video Surveillance Solutions can be configured for cloud or local storage and management or as server-based DVR solutions. Most systems allow secure, remote systems monitoring and camera control from any type of device with internet connectivity.

Video Surveillance Systems Include:

  • IP based cameras
  • Video management systems and software
  • Video monitors and storage devices and systems
  • Video Analytics
  • Wireless Networking
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IP Video Surveillance Cameras

GC&E is a leading integrator of IP Cameras and is a full-service IP Camera solutions provider and elite partner with some of the industry's leading manufacturers. We offer our customers an exceptional selection of top quality Internet Protocol (IP) Camera Solutions from the nation's top manufacturers. Our partnerships with top manufactures demonstrates our commitment to providing you reliable technologies as well as expertise and experience in engineering, furnishing, installing, operating and maintaining their systems. Our qualified SME's operate within industry best practices and maintain system specific certifications. We offer a wide variety of solutions that are tailored to the type of environment for which they are being provisioned. We have experience in the installation and programming of all types of camera technologies, including Mega Pixel, IR, and Thermal. We provide open IP Video security system solutions with personalized customer service and dependable service plans to meet your requirements. We actively consult with our clients to ensure recommended solutions are on-budget, scalable, and perform to expectations. We also offer conversion options to be able to utilize your existing analog and IP cameras.

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Video Management Systems

Video management systems and software provide the functionality to allow video monitoring, analysis, and recording. A wide range of software is available to accomplish the goals and objectives established for their system. A standard Web browser provides adequate viewing for many network video applications by utilizing the Web interface built into the network camera or video server. To view several cameras at the same time, dedicated video management software is required. A wide range of video management software is available. In its simplest form, it offers live viewing, storing and retrieving of video sequences.

GC&E partners with reputable providers to offer interactive and reliable video management systems. We offer application system consultation, design, operation and maintenance of demanding applications to small, mid-size, and large scale businesses. The systems we provide are unique to your needs and require seamless management of digital video, audio and data across most IP networks.

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Video Analytics

GC&E provides advanced video analytic solutions that provide targeted analysis of people, traffic, objects, property and building activities based on customer defined parameters to improve security surveillance operations and business intelligence collection. Our solutions integrate unified security platforms to provide enhanced functionality and scalability to meet evolving requirements. The integration of video analytics provides measurable, real time data and information that results in improved resource utilization, reduced operational cost, event detection, post-event analysis, and improved decision making and response time. Solutions include:

  • Detection, assessment and forensics - Intelligent video solutions from cutting edge manufacturers
  • Key frame detection triggering movement-based recording to ensure that all actionable events are recorded while minimizing storage space required.
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Electronic Access Control

Access Control technology has evolved exponentially over the last few years, providing end users with solutions and analytics to restrict, control, and monitor access to property, facilities, and secure, sensitive or restricted areas of your business. Through well-established partnerships, GC&E provides integrated access control solutions that are custom engineered to meet our clients' unique access control requirements. Our Security System Engineers have the necessary experience, product understanding, and manufacturer training to work collaboratively with our clients to customize and engineer an access control system to meet their access control objectives.

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Gate Automation and Parking Control Systems

GC&E is a provider and integrator of Gate Automation and Parking Control Solutions. We design traffic control, access, and monitoring systems to facilitate the management of controlled entry and exit of vehicles, tracking and identification of vehicles, and providing a secure environment for vehicle parking or facility operations. Our dynamic systems help to enhance security measures, increase vehicle throughput, and reduces the number of personnel required at access control points. Our gate automation and parking control systems are customized and can be integrated with other security systems to provide a comprehensive all encompassing facility or enterprise wide security solution.

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Security Operations Center (SOC)

GC&E offers a unique service offering that further improves the reliability and availability of a customer's electronic security system by providing real-time network monitoring, troubleshooting, system updates, and alert notifications through our Security Operations Center (SOC). Our SOC provides state-of-the-art network monitoring utilizing BOMGAR's cross platform remote support system, a Vunetrix Network Monitoring System to ensure real-time and accurate IP security system alerts, and a customer relationship management (CRM) system. Our SOC is staffed with SMEs utilized established system processes, and high-end technologies to ensure incidents and IP issues are identified in a timely manner, assessed, investigated, and a resolved as quickly as possible to minimize operational impacts and reduce system vulnerabilities.

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Intercom Systems

GC&E integrates intercommunication device (intercom) systems with most surveillance solutions. We install stand-alone voice communication systems for use within single/multiple buildings, commercial facility, educational facilities, or parking garages. The intercom systems we install enhance existing security systems through increased communication and further bolsters the level of security by providing an additional tool to prevent safety and security concerns and when necessary, respond in a more proactive manner.

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Mass Notification Systems

GC&E offers Mass Notification and Emergency Communication systems that provide a comprehensive solution that leverages cutting-edge communications technology to not only warn people of danger, but to keep them informed and guide them to safety. Security experts recognize the need for a System-of-Systems approach to emergency communications. Instead of relying on just one technology to do the job, multiple communication systems ensure that information will successfully reach everyone in harm's way. The different layers of communication for a System of Systems include sending emails and text messages, activating computer pop-up alerts, distributing automated voice calls, broadcasting emergency information over indoor or outdoor mass notification systems, using electronic signage as well as Websites.

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Service Agreements

GC&E offers a multitude of service agreements that can be customized to meet your specific electronic security system operational support requirements. From network monitoring to embedded security system technicians working on-site at your location and everything in between, we have an operations, maintenance, and system sustainment plan to meet each customer's respective needs at a reasonable price.

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Georgia State Contract


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With over 18 years of surveillance management experience we have proven to be credible, reliable, and a subject matter expert (SME) in the most challenging of installations and modernizations. GC&E Systems Group Inc. (GC&E) is proud to be the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) supplier of choice by many state agencies. The Georgia State Purchasing Division has enacted a pre-competed statewide contract enabling Georgia government entities to purchase CCTV products, services, and installations through approved suppliers. The contract is available for use by all state agencies, local municipalities, and local school districts.

Learn more about Georgia's State Contract Learn more about Georgia's State Contract