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GC&E and Genetec, Video in the Cloud

GC&E is Proud to now Offer Genetec's Stratocast Cloud Based Video Monitoring System

Summary of the Features of Stratocast:

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Flexible Storage Options

Choose the plans that you need based on the amount of time you want to store your video recordings. As plans are selected on a per camera basis, you can mix and match the retention period and resolution you require for each location.

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On-Motion or Continuous Recording

Choose between recording video continuously, or to only begin recording when a camera detects motion in its field of view. By only storing video when there is activity, on-motion recording allows you to extend your video retention period, and reduces the use of bandwidth.

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Safeguard Video Evidence

The Vault is a permanent storage feature available in in all Stratocast packages, which allows you to retain and keep track of video evidence. Save video clips of events and incidents for as long as you need, and ensure that important video will be kept indefinitely, until you choose to delete it.

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Intelligent Video Management

Monitor multiple cameras, zoom-in on points of interest, and playback recorded video to find incidents and see key events. Built with an advanced video engine, Stratocast lets you smoothly stream high-quality video, while its intelligent timeline indicates when activity has occurred, in order to rapidly search through your recordings.

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Tag, Share and Export Video Clips

Bookmark events when viewing live or recorded video in order to rapidly access them later, or to share them with other users. You can also send clips to the Stratocast Vault for permanent storage, and export them to your computer.

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No Servers Required

Save money on DVRs, servers, and IT maintenance. Stratocast video is stored in the cloud, helping you avoid the sunk costs of storage devices, and keeping your recordings safe against hardware defect, theft, and vandalism.

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NAS Support & Edge Storage

Record video from any camera to a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device on your network, or take advantage of a camera's on-board storage capabilities, to reduce the amount of video that is transferred to the cloud. Should you require additional cameras, longer retention periods, or higher video quality, multiple NAS devices can be added to the same system.

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Connect to Your Business

Enjoy greater peace of mind and convenience knowing that your business is safe, and operations are running smoothly, wherever you go. Stratocast allows you to view live and recorded video that is safely stored in the cloud from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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See Everything in HD

Upgrade your analog and DVR system to an HD video monitoring solution. Support for the latest megapixel cameras enables you to capture clearly detailed, high resolution video to view incidents and identify suspects.

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Keep Your Existing Analog Cameras

With support for cost-effective multi-channel video encoders, you can easily migrate your analog system to Stratocast, while preserving your cameras that continue to be serviceable. With no single point of failure, such as a DVR that is critical to an analog system, you can benefit from greater reliability with Stratocast.