Land Mobile Radio

GC&E has extensive experience in the specialized operations and maintenance of Land Mobile Radio systems which are currently utilized by Government entities such as the United States Department of Defense for ground communications in areas where physical infrastructure is simply not feasible.

The GC&E LMR Team conducts operations and maintenance assistance on all LMR equipment. Our technicians test and analyze radio malfunctions, program new radios for use on the local frequency, perform preventative, corrective and demand maintenance of our customers’ tower structures, line sweeping, and customer service helpdesk duties, provide technical assistance to local functional users to minimize operational disruptions and provide formal and informal training to end-users.

GC&E personnel can also maintain an LMR inventory database for our customers to track the allocated radios for the LMR system to include desktop, vehicular mounted and handheld radios, using Motorola Smart Zone Customer Programming Software (CPS) ICOM and EF Johnson-DRV version software. GC&E Team personnel manage inventory control through the proper issuance and maintenance of supply records.