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Cybersecurity Services

GC&E's Cybersecurity approach focuses on the convergence of information, cyber, and physical security systems and the criticality of viewing them as an integrated platform to be protected from evolving vulnerabilities and risks. With the Internet of Things driving the connectivity and integration of an ever-growing number of devices to our networks; the proliferation of IP-based physical security devices such as cameras and access control systems; and the storage of access lists, policies, and procedures on our systems, avenues of attack aimed at a multitude of enterprise assets is expanding at an alarming rate. Reliance on technology alone is not enough to secure these assets, and corporate executives are finding that responsibility for cyber security compliance falls squarely on their shoulders. Viewing information, cyber, and physical security as separate organizational or operational entities almost guarantees an organization's inability to secure any of them. What must an organization do to protect its valuable data, systems and people?

GC&E's broad spectrum of cybersecurity services address the key elements of electronic, network and information security, from strategy, governance, and enterprise risk management to architectural controls, implementation and management. We tailor our support services to your organizations business environment and requirements, resulting in actionable insights to help you make informed risk management decisions and improve your resilience in the face of cyber threats. Our services range from standards-based enterprise wide risk and vulnerability assessments, development of security strategies and roadmaps based on risk management principles, architecture design and implementation, policy development, management, periodic assessments and system health checks, and training. Representative services include:

Network Security

  • Critical Infrastructure Hardening
  • Firewall, IPS and IDS Design & Configuration
  • VPN Security
  • Active Directory Optimization
  • Software Assurance & Application Security
  • Wireless, Cloud, & IoT Security

Information Assurance

  • Compliance Certification & System Accreditation
  • IA Vulnerability Management
  • Cyber Security Awareness Training
  • COOP / BCP / DR Planning, Testing, and Support
  • Penetration Testing

Managed Security Services

  • Managed Firewall, Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • Managed Email Gateway
  • Managed Security Information and Event Management
  • Managed Web Application Security
  • Security Operations & Program Management

Management Systems

  • Design, Implementation and Maintenance of Standardized Frameworks