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Electronic Access Control

Access Control technology has evolved exponentially over the last few years, providing end users with solutions and analytics to restrict, control, and monitor access to property, facilities, and secure, sensitive or restricted areas of your business. Through well-established partnerships, GC&E provides integrated access control solutions that are custom engineered to meet our clients' unique access control requirements. Our Security System Engineers have the necessary experience, product understanding, and manufacturer training to work collaboratively with our clients to customize and engineer an access control system to meet their access control objectives.

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Gate Automation and Parking Control Systems

GC&E is a provider and integrator of Gate Automation and Parking Control Solutions. We design traffic control, access, and monitoring systems to facilitate the management of controlled entry and exit of vehicles, tracking and identification of vehicles, and providing a secure environment for vehicle parking or facility operations. Our dynamic systems help to enhance security measures, increase vehicle throughput, and reduces the number of personnel required at access control points. Our gate automation and parking control systems are customized and can be integrated with other security systems to provide a comprehensive all encompassing facility or enterprise wide security solution.

Intercom Systems

GC&E integrates intercommunication device (intercom) systems with most surveillance solutions. We install stand-alone voice communication systems for use within single/multiple buildings, commercial facility, educational facilities, or parking garages. The intercom systems we install enhance existing security systems through increased communication and further bolsters the level of security by providing an additional tool to prevent safety and security concerns and when necessary, respond in a more proactive manner.

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Mass Notification Systems

GC&E offers Mass Notification and Emergency Communication systems that provide a comprehensive solution that leverages cutting-edge communications technology to not only warn people of danger, but to keep them informed and guide them to safety. Security experts recognize the need for a System-of-Systems approach to emergency communications. Instead of relying on just one technology to do the job, multiple communication systems ensure that information will successfully reach everyone in harm's way. The different layers of communication for a System of Systems include sending emails and text messages, activating computer pop-up alerts, distributing automated voice calls, broadcasting emergency information over indoor or outdoor mass notification systems, using electronic signage as well as Websites.