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The Georgia Department of Administrative Services (DOAS), State Purchasing Division, has established a Statewide Contract for Integrated Security and Surveillance Products and Services with leading integrators including GC&E Systems Group. This is a MANDATORY CONTRACT available for use for State and Local Government entities within the State of Georgia. The purpose of this contract is to provide surveillance and security products and services that meet the operational enterprise needs of Authorized Users throughout the entire state of Georgia. This contract includes the products, installation, and associated services of CCTV equipment.

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Why use the state contract?

  • Multiple suppliers received awards and will provide you the best value for your needs.
  • The contract allows use of your State issued P-Card
  • This unique contract covers equipment from dozens of manufactures.
  • Installations and service coverage are statewide.
  • Emergency response times are available.
  • Rates are lower as a result of discounted cost from manufactures and suppliers.
  • The funding fee is paid by the contractor.
  • The process is easy…simply call GC&E at 770-448-3908 or email sales@gcesg.com for a free consultation. 

WHY USE GC&E FOR MY Integrated Security Products & Services Purchase?

  • The State of Georgia has pre-competed this contract and selected the most qualified suppliers to provide all CCTV-related services.
  • GC&E has been providing CCTV system consultation, products, support services, and installations in Georgia since 1999.
  • GC&E has a client list that includes some of the largest school districts (K-12) in the state of Georgia, and the country.
  • Our subject matter experts and technicians are local and readily available.
  • We have numerous manufacturer certifications.
  • GC&E provides no cost consultation to state agencies.
  • We stand behind our products and installations 100%. 


More information about the Georgia SWC can be found on the DOAS website at the following URL: http://doas.ga.gov/state-purchasing/statewide-contracts

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I utilize the state contract?
    • Contact GC&E by either calling 770-448-3908 or email us at sales@gcesg.com. It would be our pleasure to meet with you personally to walk you through the process. Or follow these steps…
  • Step 1: Contact your procurement office.
  • Step 2: Ask them to visit the Department of Administrative Services website (http://doas.ga.gov/).
  • Step 3: Have the procurement look up contract 99999-SPD0000172- 0007 (Integrated Security and Surveillance Products & Services.
  • Step 4: All prices and service rates are available for your review and selection.

  • Is this a mandatory contract?
    • Yes

  • Which categories of the Integrated Seucrity Statewide Contract is GC&E awarded?
    • Video Surveillance Systems
    • Access Control Systems
    • Active Shooter Detection Systems

  • Which brands are offered under this contract?
    • Dozens of brands are offered through each category.

  • Are you a local company?
    • Yes.  GC&E Systems Group is headquartered in Peachtree Corners, GA.  We also have offices in Augusta, GA and Tampa, FL.  In an effort to serve you most efficiently, we have technicians at strategic locations across the state of Georgia.

  • What type of equipment do you provide?
    • GC&E Systems Group is a vendor agnostic systems integrator and we have developed partnerships with some of the nation’s most reputable manufactures. The open IP technologies, equipment, and services we provide are sure to meet any complex need.

  • What makes you different than other companies on this contract?
    • GC&E Systems Group is a client- centric, security management solutions provider. We listen intently to understand your requirements and transform your needs into long-lasting solutions.
    • We focus more on cost-effective solutions rather than over-priced temporary fixes.​
    • We provide a large portfolio of vendor agnostic security solutions including IP cameras, Access Control, Communications Infrastructure, Active Shooter Detection, Video Analytics, Video Management Systems, Intercom Systems, Server Network Equipment, Cyber Security, and Wireless Connectivity.