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K-12 and Higher Education

Almost daily we see and hear about some type of violence that has occurred at a school or university. Despite the publicity and awareness generated from these acts of violence, they somehow continue to occur. Ensuring the safety of students, teachers, staff, and the general public at educational facilities requires a comprehensive approach to security that requires a thorough understanding of the potential risks and threats that are then addressed and mitigated through preventive, monitored, and reactive security measures.

As a leader in the electronic security industry, GC&E understands that a combination of these three security measures represents the best approach to providing a secure and safe learning environment. GC&E has been partnering with schools and higher education institutions for over 12 years to assess their risks and develop integrated security solutions that are customized to address their unique risks and threats. From initial vulnerability assessments, to access control, intercom systems, panic button systems and video surveillance through mass notification and emergency communication systems and preparedness and safety training programs, GC&E's security professionals are available to serve as your trusted partner to maximize security awareness and safety at your educational facility.

Services provided by GC&E include:

Preventative Security Measures

  • Vulnerability and Risks Assessments
  • Perimeter Security Solutions
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • ID Badging and Credentialing
  • Bollards
  • Ballistic and Blast Resistant Doors and Glass
  • Door Lock/Closing Systems


  • Access Control
  • Intercom (both standard intercom and video intercom)
  • Video Surveillance and Monitoring
  • Video Analytics
  • Visitor Management Systems


  • Response Preparedness and Safety Training
  • Panic Buttons and Emergency Call Stations (both hardwired and wireless)
  • Lock Down Solutions
  • Mass Notification and Emergency Communication Systems

Related Services

  • Communication Infrastructure/Structured Cabling
  • Systems Operations and Maintenance
  • Security Operations Center

GC&E K-12 and Higher Education Customers include: Cherokee County Public Schools, Fulton County Public Schools, Gwinnett County Public Schools, DeKalb County Public Schools, Pinecrest Academy Catholic School, Columbus Technical College, Georgia Southern University, and Georgia State University to name a few.